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From the beginning of the company's activity, we have been accompanied by passion and commitment of employees, the trust of suppliers and business partners, as well as the favor of the social environment. The essence of the social responsibility of business is the good of humanity. That’s why is important the ethics of acting, caring about the client's interests, building relationships with contractors, observing employee rights, and taking initiatives for local communities.


For years, we have been trying to support public benefit organizations, among others Foundations: "Wspólna Nadzieja", "Zdążyć z pomocą", "Pożywienie darem serca" and the Foundation:  "Fundacja na rzecz pomocy dzieciom z Grodzieńszczyzny".

We also support the theatre "Za Jeden Uśmiech", which organizes performances for sick children, staying in hospitals throughout Poland.

Responsibility for

the environment

As part of sustainable development activities, we undertake a number of activities aimed at minimizing the impact of our operations on the natural environment:

- We use modern, environmentally friendly technologies.

- We monitor the production process and its impact on the environment.

- We conduct a rational management of raw materials and waste.

- We save energy.

BDO: 000076263

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