What do we

specialize in?

We are a flexographic and rotogravure printing company. We offer a wide range of packaging materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.


We are specialized in printed aluminium lidding foils for the pharmaceutical industry and sachet laminates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

We are a producer of a three-layer                                              laminate, used for the production of packaging for cosmetic products. We also have experience in the production and printing of laminates and aluminium lids for the food industry.


Who we are?

MTC Polska is part of the MTC Holding Group, which was founded in 1986 in Vienna. Group branches are present in six countries: Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, and Poland.


The MTC Polska company was established in 1993 in Warsaw, and the current production plant was built as part of the "green field" investment in 1999 in Pruszków.


For whom

do we work?

We are a leader in the production of direct packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our clients include the largest pharmaceutical concerns.


We also specialize in direct packaging for the cosmetics and food industries. We are present with our products on the Polish market, whole Europe, Asia and Africa.


Why work

with us?

We work in accordance with the implemented and constantly improved Integrated Quality Management System.


We control the quality at every stage of the production process, from raw materials, semi -finished products to finished products.

We provide direct packaging materials, that’s why so important for us is to be on the safe side and to meet the most demanding quality requirements.


We meet requirements

of the following standards:

- ISO 9001 „Quality Management Systems"

- ISO 15378 - „Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products"

  (Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001, with reference       to good manufacturing practice, GMP)

- ISO 22000 „Food Safety Management Systems"

- HACCP „Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points"

- BRC Packaging - “Global Standard for Manufacturers of Packaging                   Materials”

- ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System"

- OHSAS 18001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems”


We focus on technologies, that’s why we constantly modernize the production process and invest in a machine park.

We are innovative, we create packaging know - how and we are always looking for new solutions. We do not want to be just one of the suppliers, we care about long - term cooperation with clients and partnerships. We are flexible, we have short delivery time and we undertake the production of smaller batches of orders at the request of our clients.


We have a team of highly qualified specialists, thanks to whom we are able to quickly respond to the needs of clients.

What makes us